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          I'm Paige Wyatt and this is my On-Line shopping website. I spend most of my time at GunSmoke with my Dad, Mom and older brother, Kurt. We do a lot of shooting as a family and I am starting my own gun collection. Trying to keep up with my Dad and brother is going to be tough! But I'm a tough girl and I consider it a challenge when people underestimate me. I hope you like what we have to offer on the "Everything Wyatt" website. We are in the beginning stages of assembling the shopping experience, so please check back often. I will post new merchandise items as we continue to develop them. Please follow me on Twitter, Facebook,Instagram, and Tumblr.Don't hesitate to give us your feedback on the site, the show or anything else. Your comments really matter to us so keep them coming. Happy shopping and happy shooting!
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